Squid Amigurumi Crochet Pattern – Squidlings!

A new pattern finally!

I’ve been working MONTHS on this other pattern (TOP SECRET) and it’s on its 7th attempt – holy perfectionist Batman! Last month, I just gave up and had another idea for something complete different – a squid pattern. A classic amigurumi, like the octopus.

And I freaking nailed the pattern on the FIRST ATTEMPT! (WTH, and on the 7th with that other pattern I’ve been hammering at???!!!). I ran it through some wonderfully amazing testers off of Raverly (thanx!) to work out some pattern writing kinks and taaadaaa!

The pattern comes in 2 sizes: Mini and Giant

The Mini squid is a quick crochet job. They measure 6.5″ high by 3.5″ wide.

The Giant squid is 9.5″ high by 5″ wide. Both sizes may vary depending on your gauge and yarn used.

What I like about these squidlings is they are quick, simple and cute. That what I like – minimal sewing on parts and cute.

Pattern is up for sale at my Etsy Shop
or via Raverly (no account needed for purchase).

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