Glamour Jellyfish

I don’t know what is up with the Jellyfish I crochet. Not sure if they are all ultra dreamy or wanna-be models or what.

This jelly fell off the upper-rung of my shelf and onto the top of my scanner. And he sat there like this for awhile. I scratched my head, as I didn’t pose him but he looked so well posed. The day I needed my scanner back, I snapped a photo before I had to move him.

(if you are interested in the jellyfish pattern, it is up for sale at My etsy shop or via Ravelry (you do not need an account at Ravelry to purchase).

For other strange creatures, I have this freaking grey sea gull, I’ve renamed “Gul Dukat”. He’s pesky and visits my balcony every day, sometimes twice a day. I have not ever fed him. I’m making a cup of tea and I peer over my balcony and he’s there, peering into my apartment.

Not sure what he wants. He sometimes makes his seagull noise and head-bobs. Most of the time he just stands there looking into my place.


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