More Orcas

Sigh.. I’ve made a couple really cool projects, however I cannot post them until after christmas! They are all gifts and the recipients might find out what they are getting! Damn. The good thing is that I’m done all my holiday gift knitting/crocheting.

Well right now I’m inbetween projects, pattern creation hatred/break/slump, so I’ve been churning out some of my other patterns – Orca’s and Jellyfishes. Right now, I got a few orcas done.

Very cute!

I’ve plopped this guy into my Etsy Shop for adoption, however I don’t think he’ll last too long. I will have a few more and some jellyfish up by the end of this month. Due to time restraints and custom orders, me selling pre-made amigurumi might not come that often.

In other news, I’ve been trying to create a new pattern, but now I’m on my 6th revision UGGGGGG!! Though this also helping me streamline on tips for creating patterns to help you all out there in the future.

I also have to show this off:

My engagement ring! So happy it doesn’t snag on yarn when I’m crocheting or knitting!

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